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crazy dreams

So this dream I had a few days ago was so weird I had to share.
In this dream we all lived in A city that was hit by meteors, and we left the ruble that was left by said meteors. It comes down to it that Aliens had sent these meteors to keep us safe from other aliens. The other "evil" aliens came any way and started to chase me around the city, I notice that when they came within the meteor rocks they stopped. The evil aliens where calling them guardians ( the meteor ruble ) and come to find out the guardians gave me awesome powers to fight off the evil aliens. the rest of the dream was me blasting the skin off these evil aliens.
It's one of those "you had to be there" dreams but it was still pretty weird and awesome.
Man it's been a while since I wrote something here but, I started doing comics with my friend Tavi again on a regular schedule every thursday and friday. So I thought I would show you what we're working on right now. Tavi does the evil wizard on the left and I draw the elf on the right. It's not finished yet so give me a while.



Also so I don't just sit around and watch the television all day, I started a blog with comic reviews and other nerd shit so if you want to check it out its www.comixzone.wordpress.com
Just saw the game play and trailer for diablo 3....Fucking pumped I am. You can check it out at blizzard.com/diablo3


We have a fly infestation in our house, and I have no idea where they came from. I have also noticed while killing these nasty fuckers that we have a bit of a spider problem as well. The spiders are helping with the flies a little bit, and I think I've killed most of them ( I've been killing flies for the last 2 hours) they just keep coming out from the wood work, literally. so if anyone knows of an easy way of getting rid of these things in a cheap way please let me know.
So I saw the Hulk. Fucking awesome says me. Ed Norton is fucking sweet and the references to the television show are also titties as well. I would advise all of you to go see that shit right now.
I also saw Kung Fu Panda, Awesome as all awesome comes. Even though it is for children totally titties in my book. Go see that shit right NIOW!!!
So lately I've been working A LOT!!!! My money situation is crap to put into laments terms. Things have been getting better though. I've been drawing more and, even I have to say, my skill is improving more than I could hope for.
I have A new girl that is totally awesome even though we work complete opposite hours.
She has A lesser drinking problem than me but still the same, it's fucking awesome.
I have no urge to but, I notice how guys propose to their girls in web comics, video games, and common every day thing they do. It's pretty awesome, I like it, maybe someday I could do something like that
Doc Sampson and Abomination to appear in the next Hulk movie.....TITTIES!!!
Tuesday really sucked for me. First of all I was supposed to go see the pistons that night but my ticket hookup fell through....I was sad......and then I went and did my taxes, and i owe.......I owe the I.R.S. $2200!!!
When I get back home I start to surf the intranet to find a number to call or something so I can set up A payment plan with these mother fuckers. By this time it is 4:15 p.m., I finally find the number and call, I get the automated robot bitch who wants to take me through the wonderful world of pushing numbers and saying yes, no, and payments to a fucking computer. By the time I finally get to talk to a human I get another automated message saying " Our hours are 9:00a.m. to 4:30p.m." I look at my clock and it was 4:32 I want to go all Will Smith from I robot and kick the dicks of whoever thought automated messages where a good idea.
So I took my sorrows of the day and chased them down with many glasses of whiskey and rye, still not A good night.